gettin' lost is good

i'm gettin' so used of gettin' lost that i actually found new ways & exploring new territories i never been to before. surely not without the help on the mobile from some helpful angels when i desperately in need of directions to get back to where i intended to go.
but one thing peeps, always have ur gas tank full or at least half full...that way, u still have an "insurance" when u are driving all over kl trying to go back to pj {oh that was referring to me hahaha}. and also have ur pockets filled with small changes so u can pay the tolls in case u've been driving around like nuts figuring way of turning back. last resort is to call those nice souls who help u with directions. thanks shaz for always being my imaginary map! lolz i owe u one dei. hehe :P

watcha been doing? may be thats what some of u might ask. i'm in the process of getting into a new job. or least i thought i am. hopefully, the big agency will call me back tomorrow or for me to call the creative head for the status. wish me luck! and i do hope i get into this one. though lower salary but for the sake of my own future career and portfolio, i'll say its a good start. another medium agency actually offer me better salary but....hmm...i was in dilemma thinking whether i should go for the money or career path. money does play a role in making me change my mind but then again, i guess i'm always dreaming of working f
or a big agency. now that {if given the chance to} i do, i guess a small sacriface is nothing. no?

what else have i been doing ar...been prolly going out heaps. catching up with folks i miss. and oh, one resolution before new year; to stay in shape! which means more swimming and exercise so my fugly tummy is no where to be seen! yes, i have a tummy that is so irritating that whenever i sit down, i can actually feel a big lump.

so erm...life is unfair but still, its alright. can't do much for now but bread + butter will make do. love hasn't been kind to me or rather i hasn't been kind to myself. *givin' myself a big warm hug* oh gawd, i miss hugging so badly i can't remember the last time anyone actually hug me...so the next time any of u see me, do reach out and gimme a big warm hug yea? lolz *damn perasan* hahaha

*some things are better left untouch*

thats andrea, my crush in high school that lasted for 3 years. back then i was so shy i couldn't tell her how i felt cos i was pretty much an ugly duckling. i had a nerdy look back then which explain my shy-ness and lack of confident towards the female species. lolz everytime she was near i would just keep so quiet and blushed away like nobody's business, i couldn't uttered a word i swear. but years passed and we are very much ji mui now. she's one of my longest friend ever. 13 years of friendship and counting. {photo was taken when i was lepaking at her condo over the weekend :P }

p/s: whatever we do, i just hope that we are happy. no matter when the ppl u trusted the most or wish they understand u more let u down, deep down, u should know what u are doing and happy doing it. i truly believe that happiness lies in the things we do and make us happy and who we are. if one day nobody believe in u, fear not, as long as u believe in yourself, ain't nobody gonna bring u down. i believe in myself :)


Blogger jed said...

Sometimes, working in smaller agencies is not a bad thing either. You get much more exposure as you're practically an all rounder. :)
Anyway, its also a good thing that you're going after your dreams... best of luck!

10:37 AM  

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