when u asked me if i left anything in the car, i thought i left my heart with u...

its been 6 years since i really had that feeling of dating somebody.
the presence of a person i can hold, touch, kiss & hug.
i'm so tired of being alone.
being lonely for that matter.
i pray that i'll meet that person soon enough.
now that i really thought about it, its been that long. gawd. time flies.
i want to be loved again.
they say be patient and it will find its way to u.
i've been more than patient.
i hate eating alone.
i hate having no one to accompany.
i hate the thought that not a lot of ppl get me.
the fact that the ones i like never like me more.

bottom line, i'm just tired of being alone.
having said that, i've built a superficial shield for my own protection.
a wall that separates me from the others.

when will that day come when the sky touches the same horizon as the sea?


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