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finally got my lazy ass to bring my car to the service centre for check-up. kononnya, i almost hit jennifur's neo last week. i think ivan got a taste of the scary-ness! {cos my brake is totally tak boleh harap!}
oh! did i mention the toyota service centre in pj is huge and the place smell like a brand new airplane. almost feels like u'r sitting inside a new boeing 777 or 747...or whatever...lol {like flying first class dei}.
every now and then, they have ppl coming up to u asking if u would like to have any drinks or snacks. wah, macam emperor i tell u *kembang* heheh but i din order anything cos i'm not much of a coffee person.
anyways, i left my car there and the guy who is in charge told me he will give me a call when they've fixed or found out whats wrong with my car, apart from the useless braking system or should i say tak ada brake langsung...
its strange they didn't call me after i left many hours later. i wonder if they really check my car or not. anyhow, i'm gonna give them a call to check on my baby tomorrow.
met up with the gecko, walked around in klcc today and had lunch with joan and her colleagues. and we sort of went on about how it was like before the blog became a thing! there was irc way way before icq, msn and now the blog. yea, one of her colleague was the founder of the channel #mamak back in the good old irc days! omg. internet has sure came a long way! that my friend is called evolution! :P ok ok...i'm so full of myself...ehhehe bare with me la cos i won't be around starting thursday cos i'll be out of the country! sound very cool rite? hehe...actually i'm just going next door neighbour only, singapore. it will be a week long break for me to get away and maybe relax a bit. god knows how much i long for a vacation.

p/s: dei, no more walking from klcc to sungei wang! my feet is killing me softly! oh, i'll try snap some sushi for u in sg! lolz
ppl: go watch flushed away! the damn so hai singing snails...damn funny wei! ok...that was random...go watch!

*to dream is to be able to wake up in reality* - dare to dream the impossible


Blogger Albert said...

Wow, and I thought me meeting the founder of Lowyat.net was a big thing. :D

1:26 AM  

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