today is officially my last day at work. went to meet up with my high school mates yesterday & had our dinner at tgi friday.
it was good to see one of the classmate
whom i haven't seen for 8 years. he just returned from germany and u know what? he still look pretty much the same, like he hasn't age much. i think working ppl age faster than normal ppl. oh well, u can't have everything can u? i've been alrite. had a blast last weekend, though the rave ended too soon, it was the after rave party that was so onzz!! swimming in wee early morning and just kinda forget about bz city life and chill with my mates. thanks guys! {too bad i missed david tao's concert but sometimes, i choose being happy then being wanting something so badly...ok nvm...i'm talking too loud in my head}

now, i'll probably have heaps of time to kill & edit some photos to fill in the much needed space here...lolz

everyday, i look to a new beginning, a new me. ain't nobody gonna hold me down!

k la, time to leave the office, i guess i'll be blogging more often now {or less?} hehe, ciao neh.

edited: thanks joe for the dinner, i wish everyone at the agency best of luck & future undertaking. do take care guys! thx for the good time :)


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