chup! time out

no more vacation getaway for me this long weekend considering raya is around the corner cos i just blardy remember dad is visiting me {reason here also to fix my car}. not that its a bad thing but really bad timing lo. i can sure use this time to go free my mind, lepak & see my close friends in singapore whom i missed heaps and hang out, chill, or whatever.
talk about bad timing uh.
sometimes i think to myself, would it be different if i never come back. stayed and worked in aussie. maybe, it would. i guess for everything that we do/decide in life, there's always a price to pay. but that is totally another story altogether.
this time of the year, i sure miss the cold weather in perth. i remembered i would tugged myself in bed with the super thick comforter :P hehe those were the uni days man! sure hell missed those time. the only time i would sleep in till 4-5pm. i don't do that in malaysia. i guess natural cold make me hybernate like a bear. eating gelato {italian ice cream} in the cold while waiting to go clubbing near midnight :P learning surfing in the cold water of trigg beach.

talk about winter, i even play basketball in the cold. my ex flatmate kristin thinks i'm crazy! :P hahaha but its nice to ball in the cold {cos its an outdoor bball court near canning college} and u don't really sweat much. how cool is that?
i guess what i like most about winter is doing stuffs that i never tried or experience before.
life always about choices uh. can i not choose? lolz

ok la...i'm crapping. time to sleep! jal ja :)

*edit: i got raya hol mixed up. its another week to come. means my hol is still on! woot hahahah...i'm so blur ahhahaha *slap forehead*


Anonymous mamoyo said...

You wait Calvin. I'll be seeing you very very very very very soon.

Ngek ngek.

7:35 AM  

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