i beg to differ

can money sustain a long run relationship? i am questioning the issue of money/looks vs good character/personality. maybe just on the the surface? i call them emotional goods. these temporary products of emotions, will it last? deep down we still question ourselves whether these things really matter.
we question ourselves whether our other halves treasure us for the outer part of us that *maybe* attracts them in the first place but do they really love us or just the outer layer. i am questioning whether a person actually chose us base on our outer beauty only? how many of u actually see beyond that? i for one admit is a shallow person cos i love seeing what i see and thus attracted to that superficial/temporary beauty. but how long does it takes until we figure out that inner beauty plays a part too? will u want to date/marry a person with a to-kill-supermodel-look but fugly personality?
can one really see through that layer?
i know money buy financial burden. it buys u meals, dates, movies...etc. but can it buy the person's heart? of course it will come in handy if its a whole package. but not everyone is born tht way. some ppl live a decent life and work hard all their life but still not able to drive a ferrari but i'm sure they are happy with what they have. not asking anyone to compare here. what i'm saying is, can u love a person for him/her without the dollar signs on their face?
who is willing to live a simple life? to be happy and not see everything else as money?

i'm a true believer that money can't buy love. well, at least not in my world.


Blogger Nyokk said...

some people see everything and everyone as the dollar sign, so it's possible that money can buy a person's heart

8:02 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

Yes possible but not in my world too..

Not to say must get the most handsome or prettiest person to be in loved with.. Feeling is still the most important thing.. After all.. No matter who you are, where you from or wat you are doing.. We are seeking only one thing.. Which is Happiness.. =D


10:48 AM  

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