spring cleaning

guess what i've been doing since last night and today? i got bored and did some *spring cleaning* on my friendster acc. getting rid of requests & heaps of those i don't even know...ok, i know i'm being bias and shit. i left a few beautiful strangers untouched :P {i'm sure some of u have friendster acc with not exactly 100% limited to friends only rite?}
sometimes i amazed myself, i actually deleted 100++ over lists of ppl whom barely spoken/msg. it just park there and it only occure to me why do i even bother having these ppl in my list when i don't even talk to or contact with. the original purpose of friendster was to keep contact with old friends and those whom had lost contact with for yonks. but i guess occasionally, it serve as a platform to get to know ppl around the world as well. not gonna talk about the misused of the site which most of us know better than anyone else.

so how is the weekend? i've been pretty lazy lately and the fact that my tummy is getting bigger by the day just make me feel fat about myself. ok, u know what? i'm going out for basketball now! haha...better do some serious exercise than plain procrastination. bah!

happy weekdays ahead!

p/s: {which in my case, i foresee a bad week coming. fuhs}


Blogger Nyokk said...

hahah yea doing some cleaning up is good, i do it when i touch 200 plus ... same goes to msn, will delete it once in a blue moon :D

8:42 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

Hey.. How come u fast can foresee your coming week is bad? Haiyo.. Don be like that~ Must be optimistic~ hehe! Bhappy bro!


5:14 PM  
Anonymous ivan said...

aiyo not bad week la. Now got mae d. So much be responsible ok! i want to visit mae la!!!

4:03 PM  

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