gettin' too old for this shit

high on euphoria

have u ever had that feeling where nothing stands between u and the moment?

gila shiok! left to right: slinky, bryan, chin & calv

more photos here!

weekend was fine. as a matter of fact, it was exhilarating & exhausting! speedzone. the much anticipated event for the month. its been a while since there's a rave party in the open space. i'm getting too old for this...my left leg muscle is in pain...seriously. i haven't been playing basketball or exercise a lot lately. its a bad sign. a sign of ageing. yea...u heard me. i slept till 5pm today. what a bummer. i woke up only to find aching shoulders, arms and feet. hahaha...lesson learnt: puhhleassee stretch before any attempt to shuffle. melbourne shuffle that is. ahahhaha {this old man never learn...will he...}
work stress has been pilling up on me. though i can't say there is not much to do or a lot but work is work. love life has been stagnant. as much as i want to but i'm not available to the present cos i'm stuck in my past kinda phase now. but i'm pretty much sure that i will step out of that phase as soon as i met someone amazing. but till now, its just disappointment after another. *heads up dood* {always tell myself that...no worries!}

its a lazy sunday i know...so i wish u guys a happy week ahead! to the party ppl, till we meet again in the heaven of rave!! woot!!

p/s: videos will be up soon! be patient :)


Anonymous Cynthia :) said...

haha funky glasses O.O and yes, like i said, i have my fair share of emo moodswings as well, just like u ^_~ lol. finding more n more queer similarities between the both of us everytime, eh. lol

p/s: i'm panas panas? lol lol

11:06 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

cynthia > *blush* erm...i'll get back to u soon! lol :P

11:29 PM  

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