I want a normal life

mommy dearest is in town.

i guess i've been bumming around a lot lately. despite having to go for interviews, late nite yum chars and goin outs. i am living an unhealthy lifestyle. when ppl go work, i sleep. when ppl sleep, i go out or stay awake. even if i'm free at home, i'm so reluctant to edit the photos and post up photos of stuffs i've been doing. i am tht lazy. yes i am!
whats new? nothing. late nite sleeps and dinner becomes breakfast. and breakfast has been fastforward to late brunch. its really that bad. gah!

anyways, i'm getting ready to go out again. so happy weekend!


Blogger jasmine said...

late nights result in massive eyebags and dark rings. Thank God there's concealer for girls. =)

3:56 AM  
Blogger the*narcissist said...

And you'd still have time to do silly things in the middle of the nite. i *wonder*. lol



4:05 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

jasmine > don't think i can ever sleep early :(
missboohazel > what are u talking about? *pretend to be innocent*

3:43 PM  

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