leak leak burst!

damn drama lo yesterday...
was taking a dump before going for the interview and when i was turning on the tap for the shower head {yeah i use water to wash, dont like toilet papers} :P
...guess what? the pipe that sambung to the shower head burst!!
i got wet, my hair got wet....it was basically like end of the world man!
kononnya, the pipe is broken...i tried glueing it back afterwards at night but it didn't work. my housemate's mum wasn't convinced and she was in my bathroom glueing it for quite same time.
its an old house. everything is like gonna break anytime...lol seriously man! {ok la, i exeggerate a bit...maybe it applies to my bathroom only...damn sueh ok}
the first week i moved in, the toilet flush thingie...broke. then days later, underneath the sink, the pipe also broke....after two months the pipe that links to the shower head was leaking...
now the pipe burst! whats next?
my housemate's mum tried glueing it again and turn on the main paip....water fountain in my bathroom la! :P sei meh? hehe...
on a different note, i know some of u guys are erm...concern/curious bout my job search and interviews. but the thing is pls stop asking me, its a lil pressured to answer. if i have good news, i will sure to share with u guys. every now and then, i get the question, how u want me to answer? i also dunno rite? its up to them who wanna employ me or not? if i say i might get it, then after awhile...i get replies like oh, u were short listed or we had hired someone else cos of the salary not cos of the skills... yea so forth...but u get wad i mean right? just chill man chill~ :P im worried enough not knowing when i can work again.

anyhow, i'm going Laundry tonight so i'll see u guys there!

p/s: i just got a call for interview 2moro, wish me luck! another one on monday! *finger crossed* and pray hard lol :P


Blogger Jo said...

good luck for ur interview! all the best!

aiyo..why u so 'kerbau' one..wondering ur hand is metal material? can break everything into pieces..or everything reach ur hand will turn disaster koyak?
salut u! muahaha

8:06 PM  
Blogger こうゆうけん said...

Chill man :P

1:41 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

Hey Bro.. What can I say? Good luck lo~ hehe! =D


10:21 AM  
Anonymous splashmilk said...

In line with your post ...

1. Eh ... It doesnt look that *wrecked* to me when i was there? Anyway ... maybe a short stay just doesnt make me see all the flaws. Hmmmmmmz.

2. Glueing back? Oh dear ... Need a plumber now.

3. Chill man.

4. How was Laundry last night? Feed me with updates.

5. Interview! Good luck on both!

11:06 AM  
Blogger NING said...

good luck calvin! =)

have a nice weekend too.

7:26 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

thx ppl : )

8:38 PM  

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