ada apa dengan cinta

u know that part where they say it will never go away till u found a new one?
well, they lied.
and after some deep talk with u-know-who-u-r.
it wasn't fair or right to replace that love.
with a new person that is.
it never was to begin.
whoever thought so and begin to preach must be a fcuking tart!
aww....so so wrong!
how can u forget that love?
u don't.
u just have to wait and see.
till it dried up.
like the petal of a rose.
what if it never
dried up?
then u just have to learn to embrace it.
the only valentine i ever celebrated was during my 20 yr old. she was 16.
we were deeply in love and god knows what love is back then.
must be puppy.
thinking back...we don't really connect and we argued a lot
but still both sides love each other like jack and rose.
is it that when u care for a person too much,
u tend to argue a lot with them.
even if u don't, u will find little things just to upset them.
so u will feel better about urself?
maybe just to reconfirm that they do care and love u?
or thats just me.
what do i know
i'm just a ordinary love fool
like each and every fool out there wishing to be loved.


Blogger Chienne said...

we all want so badly to be loved...

4:00 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

Love is just a thing we cant understand forever...

It comes and goes so fast.. And that's why for me, we need to grab it and appreciate the moment we have cos it may just leave us in a second of time..

Anyway, chill up bro!


11:53 AM  

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