RWMF - Day 3 (finale)

heaps of ppl at the percussion workshop.

i have learnt that its not a good idea to drink in a tropical country when u have summer all year long. {especially when its freaking hawwwwtttt}
- Tuak (rice wine) brought by grace {joe's friend}.

dinner by the seaside. Buntal {a small fishing village} near Damai Beach.

sally taking pix of...

jackie & ann.

my reflection on my aviator.

bilin, a fern leaves only found in Sarawak. damn nice when stirred fried with wine, belacan or sambal. {5/5 stars}

fried tiger prawns in salt. {3/5 stars}
sorry, i'm not a big fan of prawns.

deep dried kampung chicken {3.5/5 stars}
it ain't that nice like normal chicken...cos i was practically chewing the meat like chewing gums ;P

with jackie~

the groupie

the monkey

everyone was chillin'....

KILEMA from Madagascar performing.

enjoying the moment

the drunkass

ok...fine, i took my shirt off and blend in with ang moh culture. whatever. it was damn hot ok?

finale, every group came on stage to for last performance!

one of few pix from the gal.

the only memory that lasted for three fcking hot days {the lousiest time of my life, 10q!}

p/s: rene, i noticed i don't have a freaking single pic with u at the RWMF...wth o__0


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