i always believe the only way out is through confrontation.
how can you fight when your inner men is dying.
when logical and rational is not in her blood?
or ppl lose their will to think when provoked?
the true healing is from the inside.
but we were told to heal {protect our inner men} from the outside.
thats superficial.
a temporary solution to resolve nothing {an epitome; shopping - non related with the topic}
your way, my way, i don't really care. i just want a way out.

i used to be chatty and all that shit.
nowadays, i'm really quiet. i am no longer whom i used to be. i am not sociable and i don't wanna be sociable.
may be its these stubborn little things that annouys the shit outta ppl and myself.
bottomline, i just wanna be loved, jolly and sociable again. {yes, i am very good at contradicting myself}
i've been told to get socialize, join some group activities, meet new friends. get out of my shithole.
but i am wary. i don't feel like going out of my comfort zone.
i don't like where i am now but i don't feel like moving as well. u get what i'm saying?

ok, this post was suppose to vend out my angst.
why do i even bother.


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