what is courtesy?

freaking blogger was down last nite when i have the need to blog.
i was so pei last nite. was reading vie's entry on PCD concert. she was trying to sell off her ticket and i thought its free...talk about blurness. the PussyCatDolls r throwing a concert at sunway lagoon tomorrow. not really a big fan of them but was hoping to get it for someone *wink*
still wanna apologise for that bit though. sorry vie!
the moral of the story is...
when ur body is tired, obey it. go rest.
don't keep on reading and skipped the headlines! lolz

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i was quite pissed yesterday while taking the LRT home. guess what. the train broke down again. this is my third encounter of the situation. break down so often it makes u think malaysian train really suck balls! when the train is not moving at all, u get crazy ppl squeezing their way into the train like nobody's business. there was this guy who stand in front of me...and what i was pissed off was that his hand kept making contacts with my *johnny* and that wasn't pleasant man. fcuk! and when i was suppose to get off at the station, i said *excuse me*....and to no appeal....he didn't like wanna move at all...asshole. what pisses me even more is at every stops, he was standing next to the exit door but can't him at least have the courtesy to go out first, so can let the ppl inside go out then step inside. but no, he was standing there like he owns the spot. ma lou! fcuking no brainer!
i hate taking public transport! the worst one is where u start to smell fishy body odors....sei mei? sigh

ok....thats enough brain damage for reading. sry.


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