bloggers' meet v2

today marks the first day of bumming. i'm officially jobless. yea. u heard me. being unemployed is not fun. seriously, i can't help it knowing no income for this month and the following to come :(
it was fun and frust working for my former company for a year. but sometimes u just needed to go and see better things and improvement in life. if u don't grow. u'r dead!

moving along...
the first
meet was awesome. and now the second at klcc burger ki
ng. a section was specially booked for us! holla to yee hou & jolene for organizing this fantastic meet!
pls bare with me cos i'm not putting up the links...u ask y? i'm sure by now everyone has everyone elses links :P ya ya ya, u'r right. i'm just lazy.

calv + jolene who was responsible for the bloggers get together!

calvin tay + cheryl + jed(in the background) + jen + calv + slinky

calvin tay + cheryl + jed + jen + calv + slinky

low angle: calv + evelyn

high angle: calv + evelyn

jen jen jen + calv

another one...

the monkey + the penguin + the turtle {i foresee a huge storm coming my way...soon!}

food lover joan + calv

evelyn + calvin tay

rames + calv {love ur vector works, keep it up!}

foodlover + avril + jen + smashpop + calv

jolin + ivan + bryanboi~

jen + foodlover + avril

superman joshua + calv + albert + cheryl + yee hou {sry bout the blurry pic}

slinky + shaz + jasiminne {what can i say? we are natural posers}

jen + foodlover {u got me got u on pixels}

chit chating...{sry bout i don't recognise the dude in white shirt? anyone?}

ivan probably talking to bryanboi while smashpop jason looking at 'em. not sure what superman joshua is doing there...and albert stoning.

oh oh, can i have ur number pls~ {jk dude! i think jolin was walking about saving down everyone's url :P}

with yee hou, the man who is responsible for the huge gathering!

shoot like a pro! {photography 101, first u must bend down and shoot like jen!}

jen + bryanboi + evelyn{behind bryan haha}

smashpop + yee hou {testing bryan's DSLR}

i must had said it to myself a gazillion times, joan, ur cam is hot!!! hehe {yes i have fetish for nice design and oh, shoes too!! hehe *hint hint, bday coming...my shoes buka mulut edi...i saw this runner nike airmax damn chun!! but no moolah...sigh *big big hint*}

jasonmumbles + foodlover {dinner at little penang}

albert + ivan + rames

cheryl + albert

thank u jen for the awesome mag!

cheryl & ivan behind albert while asyraf lee the photographer trying to humour us!

jen + evelyn paying much attention.

i'm sry if i don't have any of ur faces in my photos. i was busy eating my very late brunch a.k.a whooper! when everyone decided to do some camwhoring~

finally i'm done with this. so u ppl that has been bugging me to update? UPDATED!! there u go.
...if u happy and u know it clap ur hands *claps claps*...


Blogger Skyler said...

No picture of me!

12:46 AM  
Blogger Chienne said...

no picture of me too!

5:25 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

skyler > guilty as charge! :(
rene > eh, sio ang chua ar u? mai cho luan -____-!!!

5:44 AM  
Blogger Chienne said...

heh. well at least put in one shot of me 'cause i'm just so cute. got noticeable pimples on your face! photoshop!

11:19 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

rene > leave it as it is. natural mar. yea yea yea...damn cute! i realised we don't have a decent photo together. next trip back or u coming over to visit, we gonna do some serious camhoring!

3:33 PM  

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