blardy random wei

u know wad? i miss blogging already. fuhs! anywys, updates updates. i'm feeling lazy and tired cos of the long weekends. been out so much i can't even recognise my own face in the mirror no more. i've been a slave to my social life. not that i'm complaining but i love my own space more :P ok...i am whining...bare with me!

i've just got sick. runny nose, sorethroat, cough, feverish and gastric {clever me skipped breakfast and had really late lunch...oh so smart, and to repeat the painful episode of gastric pain is severely unintentional, rite} i think its the hot weather. and driving around in the hot sun gives me shit! and the night before i had fried tofu, rojak and popiah...guess i din drink enough water. {which contribute to the latter effects}

ok...photos from last week outing will be up soon...<---
can see ar? i'm lazy to edit and upload la...anyways, tonite i finally had some private time alone and played around with my new toy. actually its not new. its my dad's. mum have it flew over! {mum is always the best! hehe hope she enjoyed her trip in bangkok...which reminds me to give her a call 2moro or so}

i present to u my new mini tv. the screen is the size of a standard wallet.

guess who was on tv, woot! :P

whats me been up to? bz going for interviews...and erm...i dunno if i'm getting any offers yet...just waiting to see. and meantime, i'll still be applying for more! definitely. {random note: now i recall why i got sick. i was sitting under the air cond blowing directly at me while waiting for my turn for interview today...oh how wise of me...like i can escape that...bah!}

oh oh...today my housemate smsed me and asked me to go for casting. the client is Maxis 3G phone. superb rite?? hehe i din know what to expect and i was thinking ok la....maybe they need extras...
when i got there, she told me i wasn't casting for extra...i was there for the lead talent...OMFG! i swear i freaked out at the spot...*first timer bah....acting skill sux kao kao* dont think they will hire me anyways...but finger crossed! if i get selected! i'll be on MAXIS ADS!!! WOOT!~ ok ok...calm down now...

k, thats all for now...back to rest. the sick man needs some time of his own and rest. guess i'll be missing the pasta and laundry or ruums or wadever shit this week...till den tata!


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