50 ringgit bye bye!


i kena saman!
must be first day luck at work! gah!
hmm, then again its my own fault. who ask me parked my car under the tree opposite my work place? {no yellow lines ler....cb one...} sigh

first day at work...not too bad.

i arrived 40 mins early. had breakfast at a chinese coffee shop nearby. breakfast was pan mee soup. after breakie, i waited for my colleagues to come cos the place was locked. waited for more than 30mins...nobody come also...talk bout malaysian working hours. 9.20am edi but still no sign of a single soul. then i smsed my CD. so chun he only arrived. so he opened up the locks and later started to brief me about all the projects they've been doing for the past months.

not much work to do today. but coming up with ideas for one of the brief was tough! i sketched out quite a few thumbnails and the weird thing is, the fulgy ones got chosen...this i don't get. with the chosen thumbnails, i was looking into deep *space* cos i blardy dunno how to modify it or make the logo better...fuhs...whole day spent on doing that. looking into the screen, back to thumbnails on papers and clicking on my mac. bah!

had lunch with two colleagues. one of the guy is in charged of production and printing. he's quite nice and chatty. another female colleague which i must mention is quite *chun* is in charge of the media planning.

overall, it was not so bad for a start. though i am the only designer at the moment. one of the senior is away on vacation! another one kena deep fried. that one i don't know the reason and i won't want to know, was told by my manager when i asked about the other two designers...

merdeka eve tomorrow wei....any plans? lolz
ok la...wanna take a rest. chow


Anonymous Dan said...

ahah congratulation ..

i still havent pay for my saman for kena speedtrap in kuantan highway .. 150 bucks eh :(

1:35 AM  
Blogger Nyokk said...

happy merdeka eve :D

4:28 AM  
Blogger s!mp|e chery| said...

I feel your pain = (

Not bad wo, your new job. Come late, also can but of cuase always come on time if you can. Malaysian timing!!!

8:25 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

dan > thx! haha try ask for rayuan. i heard can get 50% discount! :P

nyokk > same to u gal!

cheryl > felt my pain ler! shud be a bit late la...working man! hehe...i know u'r always punctual : ) c u tonite!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

muahhaa..msian timing>>always late..
u should work for japanese, always early or on time one..
i've a fren very puntual till i scare ..i also paiseh if i go late to meet up this frenz..ahhahaa..coz always early than me b4 the time.
wah...first day good kick off kena summon..hahaa..
i kena 3 summons last yr i also din't know till i need renew roadtax only found out, damn...
tis yr already kena one during CNY, speedy..aisk..paid off d..:p
merdeka eve going off lah..unwind myself..i need a short break, (my pocket sure kena lubang)...till i back for update lah
happy merdeka to u...happy traffic jam..human jam everywhere..

10:47 AM  
Blogger The J's said...

Erm.. good start~ haha! Enjoy your new job then! Good luck dude!


11:15 AM  

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