may u rest in peace

this morning while driving to work...i saw this dead kitten on the highway...i almost ran through it. then i thought, life is really fragile. maybe i was being emo but u can't take away the fact. what i'm trying to say is embrace life. take it for what it is.

i'm seeing heaps of turtles on my msn tonight. i thought that was weird. then i asked, why the turtle. my friend answered its a sign of respect for the late steve irwin. so this post is dedicated to the "crocodile hunter".
may he and the kitten rest in peace.

image taken off yahoo


Blogger jasmine said...

Ahhh.. not again another blog abt him!! I'm so upset and i'm gonna eat up all stingrays!!

9:29 PM  
Anonymous chloe said...

of all things... stingrays! why can he die and honourable death like being munched by crocs!

12:39 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

i hear u gals :P *sigh*

1:17 AM  

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