gimme a break will ya'?

i don't resent or loathe but right now, its just not working.
well at least one of us feel that way. *sigh*
make it two.*double sighs*
its really a sore in the heart and eyes.

on a different note, my car is giving me problems again. i *think* the nut or screw underneath the engine is not tighten or its already broken cos my engine oil is empty after two separated refills...its impossible in two months. i won't know till i get it check myself or have the mechanic to do so. *fingers crossed* lets hope my baby is doing alright. cos we still got a long way to go....
anyhow, i'm doing laundry tomoro so hopefully i'll be seeing some of u guys alrite. if there's no change of plans. moonshine it is.


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