happy mooncake festival!

well, i'm at home alone. thinking what to do tonight. being alone doesn't help much. dad was on the phone with me again, funny thing is he thinks the ex is still with me. even told me to ask her to teman me fix my car's air cond. but i forgive him cos he can be very blur at times. i guess mum must have given him the wrong info cos she misinterpreted the situation. nvm...i'm hoping midnight movie might cheer me up a bit.
thanks to those that might be concern about me. i'm fine. i just love to emo myself. nothing too serious. don't worry.

anyways, i've been emo so much i can't recognize myself in the mirror more no.

nevertheless, i wish everyone a happy mooncake festival yo!


Anonymous maine said...

i hope you feel better.. *hugs* think on the bright side, at least u've got yummy moonkcakes! i am so wanting the snowskin green tea ones but can't find any here! :( extremely homesick

6:22 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

maine > thanks, i guess we are all *homesick* in our own ways :)

1:56 AM  

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