i just finished work, came home & done with shower. omg...i'm so freakin' sleepy + tired. lolz we had a staff meeting this afternoon with the big boss thanking everyone & those behind the scene in winning the awards at the kancil. best part, free booze after the meeting. but i din drink cos most of my colleagues headed back to work. i don't think i should be drinking, otherwise, i can't do work {properly}. i guess somehow i missed my previous agency cos we were tight {cos there's only the few of us}. i kinda miss joking with my colleagues on various stuffs.
there wasn't a proper introduction to the colleagues, prolly cos its too big. i guess its very asian attitude to just be ignorant eventhough they know u'r new there and not walking up to u to intro themselves and shake that hand. {actually i'm like that too sometimes} i remember in my previous co, when my designer colleague just came back from his hol, {meeting me for the first time} he walked into the room and without hesitation, shook my hand and briefly intro himself. dang, i really miss those crazy times in the office. cranking jokes and making fun of *u know who* and watching youtube together hahaha. then again, its maybe bcos of a different culture cos he grew up in the states. i think i prefer it that way. i feel more "home-ly".
anyways, i am quite brain dead now. time to zzz. nite

p/s: its too early to tell if i like the new environment but so far so good. *fingers crossed*!


Anonymous maine said...

here's to hoping that the new company treats you well! :D acqua di gio reminds me of.... party times cuz my friend used to wear it everytime we partayyyyyy! :)

10:00 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

thank you! i wear acqua di gio :P hehe

6:11 PM  

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