you'll know you're not invisible when someone sees you

is it just me or i'm being too sensitive to my surrounding? i was trying to get the pursuit of happyness at one utama just now but the earliest show will only come on at 10pm...so i didn't wanna wait. i headed back home right away. while walking back to the carpark, i noticed heaps of lovey dovey couples walking sticking to one another like uhu glue...its like 90% of the ppl there are couples. hmm...
part of me actually wanted to be in that category. part of me actually wanted to be sticked. or even wondering how it feels like to be glued close to one another like uhu :P hehe maybe its the peer pressure that makes the singles like me feeling left out. we shouldn't be. to be honest, there are heaps of singles out there and should not feel too conscious because some of us just want to be free and enjoy being singles.

but in my case, i'm really longing to have someone to call my love...someone to cuddle with...but i guess its really up to fate and a lil push of luck here and there.
i remember some time ago, while back in my hometown, there's this lady whose friend of my relative came to me and ask if i'm single...*kononnya, i was caught washing dishes and helping out in the kitchen during cny. i think she wanted to match make me with her daughter....keep asking about my details and personal stuff. i was like ooookay...hahah
seriously, on another note, most of my friends are married or getting married soon...i'm like the only one in my group that is still (sorry to say) pathetically single. hahahah
part of me feels that i'm old and my age is really catching up with me. i want to have a family of my own cos each wedding dinner i attend makes me feels like this old man has gotta make some moves before he runs out of love...literally.

p/s: eh, can u ppl wait for me...don't la one getting married after another. like ada pakat like that...lolz :P


Blogger Julie said...

emo no.2 is emo-ing again.
i'm regretfully sorry that i can't make it yesterday :(

10:12 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

emo > no worries k : ) its all good

11:06 AM  

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