just got back from work...pitching job on maxis. haha...looks like its gonna be a long day again tomorrow :)
work aside, last night i dreamt about u again. in my dream, u must have really missed me a lot to call me on my mobile phone. we talked like we have missed each others life for months. its funny how it turns out in reality. the moment i opened my eyes, i realised it was just a dream, merely. its funny how i thought u must have missed me heaps but the fact i am the one who missed u more by dreaming of u every now and then. sometimes i question myself why i still think and dream of u when the fact that i know very sure u had let me down once too many times. maybe i let myself down. they say life goes on, i am moving on. with or without u. i'm doing quite fine and i meant to keep it that way for as long as i can. u need not worry about me because the day u left was the day u took away half of my dreams and hopes. that said, i'm doing just fine. as weird as it seems, i do miss your selfish ways at times which reminds me of how we were and it acts as a defense mechanism to not let u in again and also because u never did believe in me. key word - trust. there was lack of trust in us. sometimes i do think to myself, if we ever meet on the street one day, will i ever look u in the eyes and greet u or just walk on by like we have never cross each other's path? life is nothing but a mystery to unfold.

someone told me
life is good when you appreciate simple pleasures with life. but life isn't that simple, is it? or its just me.


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