i finally moved out. no internet atm. didn't sleep well last night. not that its not cozy, but i guess its bcos of the "first time" thingie at a new place and environment. the three fingers on my right hand side are fcked up due heavy duty shifting. i didn't even realise my middle finger were bleeding. haha...that aside, i freaking lost my wallet in between shifting house. how careless can i get. don't ask me how? i don't know where i've lost it :/ i've checked every possible place that i might left it. damn pek chek now. logged police report this morning and had my bank transaction stopped.
damn moody now...no IC, no driving license, no ATM card...i feel like a refugee a.k.a. illegal immigrant. it doesn't help knowing u can fly out of the country cos u ain't have an IC. not even passport can help u? wtf is this? -_______-''
...its called shifting house (bad) luck.


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