i missed u ah ma

I dreamt about my granny the other night. In my dream, we were talking about life and this is the only part I recalled. She said, "Money is really hard to earn". And right after that, my mobile phone alarm rang and it was morning already. I remembered when I was younger and we don't really talk much but deep down, I love my ah ma for she always protected and loved me like her baby angel without wings. She is always humble and gawd she swears a lot and she's so funny. Hence, the disapproval from mum cos those teochiew foul languages might corrupt our minds (little does mum knows that I've been long influenced even before granny started swearing...lol). I'm a bad example. So don't follow! haha =P Often times, I wish I can show you girlfriends I had over the years cos we never had the chance to do that. Wanting your opinions and what u might think of my selection of girls/love.
"...face to palm,
tear to tear.
mouth to tongue,
heart to ground,
heart to ground.
say I am in love,
say heart to ground.
oh well may be baby I am in love..." - this has nothing to do with ah ma, I'm just being random...lolz
Its a tad sad you left us too soon. I hope you are well wherever you are. I hope u watch over me closely to your heart cos i often think of you ah ma. I still need your guidance. And may be in my dreams we should meet again soon.
Love love,
your fave grandson = )


Blogger Bobo the Bimbo said...

I don't know you.... But I'm very sure she is.

8:17 PM  

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