yes i'm back

overall it was an enjoyable paid trip, no complains. i live like a king and they really serve u like one. the wonders of paying for what u get. every penny counts. what more can i ask for. anyways, i'm too lazy and currently having migraine on and off due to the the stupid flight. i reckon the pilot is really kns cos he made few of us in the plane dizzy and i swear my head was buzzing with heavy killer pain every few seconds in the plane. plus the weather wasn't that bad. lousy pilot. never trust local pilots. mas airlines in-flight services are getting worst and worst, rude in-flight attendents and the food they serve is not getting any better. bah! *click here, here & here* for more photos from my trip. due to some circumstances, i can't upload photos of the others. so the album is mostly scenery and heaps of self-loving shots :P

p/s: i like how they call their country, Kingdom of Cambodia. sounds so majestic! = )


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