lately work is like growing mushrooms after the rain. its so loaded it almost covered my desk. no, i'm not joking. work aside, i am planning something. at the same time, i feel like i'll be missing out on heaps of events in the next few months if the "real deal" has been approved. one of the thing i will deeply regret is not being able to attend one of my close friend's wedding. not having to bum around at home during CNY. i guess mum has already missed me cos i told her about my plan the other day. this plan of mine, i'm not sure if its gonna work out the way i planned in my head but life is about risk. like i mentioned in my previous entry. lets hope its gonna be a smooth journey both mentally and physically. its about time i step outside and feel the world. life, working life, life in general has been nothing but dull. i can't accept dull. something mysterious awaits me at the other end. i can't help but thinking helplessly that it will change my life. rain or shine, life must go on. for better or worst.

the greatest fear is having to feel defeated upon one self.


Blogger Julie said...

i wish you well, my emo momo!

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