currently in Queenstown at the moment. it's a lot more smaller and beautiful then i have imagine it to be. partly due to the fact that autumn is here. trees and leaves are yellowish, red, purple and really adds a nice warm colours to the surroundings. along this whole journey, i met a lot of new and also keep bumping into friends that i have met along the way. it's a blessing to be able to travel and see things that i wouldn't thought it would be possible. i don't want this to end so soon. it's too good to go back to reality but at the end of the day, i still need to face reality. another week to go and i'm almost done with South Island. it's back to work for me. looking for a job to feed my tummy and wallet :P then it's another wait for winter to come and the next plan is to go Mt Hutt for snowboarding probably in late June! : )
heading to Milford Sound tomorrow to meet up with a junior from college whose been in nz for more than a year. he came here backpacking but ended up falling in love with the country and decided to stay for good. so hopefully i will see him tomorrow and the best part is he works for a river cruise company and i get free scenery trip! what more can i ask for. contrary to the believe that Queenstown is popular for the action packed adrenaline outdoor activities such as the likes of bungy jump, skydiving, river surfing and heaps more. but i won't be doing any of that. why? because i'm chicken shit. i'm scared of height. before this, i wanted to do skydiving or river surfing...but but but...my wallet is shouting a BIG NO! hahaha...so there u go. no hoohaa from me. it wasn't part of my plan in the first place, i wanted to do snowboarding more eagerly than anything else. those were just merely stuffs backpackers telling me oh u must try it at least once in your life! right...
so it's quite a sunny day outside and i'm off to the top of the hill to get a good view of Queenstown now and the famous gigantic burger everyone has been telling me about! laters!

some random video i took last night at dinner...lolz


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