it's on the road for me again tomorrow. sorry for the lack of photos as i don't have much internet access here. not that there is no internet but a bit troublesome. most of the photos are in my laptop u see and to transfer them to another pc will takes time which something i am lack of now. been in Christchurch for a week now. it's nice here. kinda like kuching but only more angmoh and much much colder than i thought it would be. the first day i arrived here, once i got off the bus, smokes come out of my mouth when i breath so imagine how cold it will get in winter which is about 2 weeks from now. so it's 16 days of travelling for me again. Lake Tekapo - Mt Cook - Wanaka - Franz Josef (glacier) - Queenstown - Milford Sound - Dunedin. phew* just pray that the sun is warm down south cos it's already quite cold here in Christchurch. it's always racing against time. friends i met along the way, so hard to part. one by one leaving. this is backpacking. short romantic friendship i call it. nice, breezy like the wind blowing from Tasman Sea but warm like the bright sun hitting against my skin. friendship i will cherish, thank you all for spending this wonderful time with me in nz. i really appreciate it will all my heart. special thanks to those who help me along the way. a lot of unexpected things happened here. i'm so honoured to be part of this journey. this journey call life. life is to enjoy. no? i have thought about if i can't get a work permit here in nz, what will i do when i go back to msia. a lot of thoughts which kinda worry me. but sometimes i close my eyes and shut my mind and just let it be. i can't think, i refuse to think about the future. i just want to live life as it is now. so much freedom. breathing this cold air here. backpackers don't think about tomorrow. they just live life as it is. breathing this "never-ending" journey...

some random thoughts: i think kiwi dogs are really friendly. the other day when i was at Sumner (beach), taking photos and this black dog came running my way and licked me on the lips....i was a bit traumatized but laughed at myself and the owner was laughing too! rofl* today i went to New Brighton, another beach and as i was walking pass this 2 angmoh, they are asking the puppy to sit. i think the puppy was not listening and when it saw me, it came running my way and jumped on my feet. so cuteeee....ahahhaha gosh...i wanna have a dog if i ever going to live here! and a cat, if i really do live here for good!


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