work is done here. i'm leaving hastings to wellington tomorrow morning. i realized i have to work more hours to make it up for the money i spent on accommodation and food. but that will come in time. 1 month of work is enough for now. i just want to lie back and relax. met a lot of ppl during this 5 weeks of travelling. it's funny how real bonds are made in a short period of time. some of these friends have already left nz or continuing with their journey. i missed and will miss the good time i had here. it's not like i'm going away but it's always hard to part with good memories and nice ppl that we meet in this road we called life. i think most of us are dread to part. a room of 9 sharing beds are now just 2. a korean guy and me. this morning adam, a brit just left to another backpacker. adrian, a german left to hitch hike to wanganui. erwin, a scottish lost his passport and was late to catch a bus to auckland! all sorts of things happen while i'm on the road. the thing i am beginning to like about backpacking is that everyday is a new adventure. u can't map out or plan everything because it will never end up the way u plan it. i am slowly getting used to this. i know its only been 5 weeks for me in new zealand but i kinda miss home. homecook, annoying my sis and talking to mum. i haven't talk to any of them for 5 weeks now! maybe soon i will ring them up. the thing is nz is 5 hours ahead of msia. when i go to bed, it's still freaking early in msia. when i get up, its too freaking early to call home. hahaha :P

i'm taking in everyday as it is.


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