i can't stand the smell of tomatoes...hot boiling tomatoes...u will understand if u work here...lol the thought of it makes me sick. i've been smelling too much of tomatoes i almost puke last night while at work. its that bad! the tomato supervisor asked if i wanted to do tomato tonight and i said no. lol no way. at least let me rest for 1 day. LOL
the crazy thing bout this work is, u keep repeating the some thoughts over and over again. it's really sickening :P haha can't help it. its very natural. i asked my german colleague and she feels the same too :x
it's time for me to start planning my next destination and how about i'm going. i wish there is a sign soon so i know what to do next. i am still as clueless as before. every decision that i made so far is very random. as in my travel plan :P


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