coming to you live from brunei airport. yours truly, is so freaking sleepy cos he got too excited and couldn't sleep through the night. when he almost fall into a deep sleep, the alarm rang and it was time to go the airport. bummer, this is a 2 hour transit in brunei and another few more in brisbane before landing in auckland again.

i want to sleep but what scared that i might missed my flight. the horror. i see some carefree passengers sleeping their way on the waiting area. i hope i find my way to the hostel when i get there. haven't decide whether i should take the bus or train. whichever is cheaper. haha and get me to the city.

in the meantime i guess i can only wait.

*edited: freaking hell! flight delayed...great...another 2 more hours to spare. lappie's battery running low. grrr :P not a great day!


Anonymous thegeekinpink said...

ooo you're nearly there with the sheep!!!

3:47 PM  

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