i know i'm not alone

i was checking my mail, and like the monthly or whatever weekly updates for friendster, i saw this girl i used to have the hots for. so i click on her profile to see her updates. the moment i saw her photos, i was in this emo-ness state. the kind u feel hopelessly dragging yourself deeper into the black hole that never exist in the first place. sucking u in. as a matter of fact, i didn't feel bad about myself looking at loving couples on valentine's day. i didn't feel the urge to be attached. tonight i felt totally different. it was the first time in a long time that i felt this way. the need to belong.
i miss being in love.
i miss missing someone.
i miss reaching out for my mobile phone just to check if there is a missed call or even a sms from that special someone.
i miss the feeling of missing someone like crazy.
i envy those who are in love. i really do.

ah, i'm flying off about less than 7 days time from now = ) wish me a safe journey in another place. hopefully a new start and a reboot for my mind and body!


Blogger Frank said...

being in love is nt tat good
being loved is better

8:13 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

its even better to have best of both : )

1:31 AM  

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