the internet at home is being a b!tch lately! it takes forever to load a page! roarrrrrr!!!
been craving for salmon sashimi and miso soup! :(
guess what? i've been trying to sleep earlier but it didn't work for me. been tossing and turning for 2 nights now.
sigh,,,life is so....slow and relaxing. i know some of you might die for this kinda life but the truth is, i miss working and the stable income at the end of the month. if i had it my way, i'll be in auckland by now. well i guess life is about give and take no? i've been counting down the days *cough* to land in nz. felt like forever for me to go aight. 4 more
freaking weeks...just hang in there...

so it seems like forever. if only i can say that about love.

langkawi circa 2003


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