there i go again . . .

maybe it was all a false alarm. today, i feel like i was all alone again. haha back to square one. those were the months where i spent watching movie alone. having dinner alone. watching ppl walking by while i try to chew on my meal. it doesn't hurt to be alone. just that from the start, i never like to be alone. on the contrary side, i don't like having too much ppl around cos more than one person means everyone wants a piece of everything. that, i don't really like. example, when u know u want to watch a particular movie, and on the spot, several opinions may occur. i can say no but somehow, i'm always the person who goes along with the majority. its not like its bad or what. there goes the saying, if u can't beat em', might as well join 'em! haha i get effing emo when i'm alone. sometimes it feels like the longest ride ever when i'm driving by myself!
that person which i missed all this while, somehow i contacted her back. i know its not a good idea but spare me the bullets. can we stop loving a person? do we ever? or because we have been parted for some time and meet a new love, do we ever stop loving that person? or its just another different kind of love altogether? love just too complicated to comprehend...
maybe when i finally found love, i will tell u. how it feels like to be love unconditionally? hahaha ok ok i'm listening to too much mushy songs and being alone all night ain't helping rofl
there's so little time so much to do before i set off to this foreign land. i wish money wasn't much of deal so i can stop worrying about how i'm gonna survive and travel at the same time. ok i feel so random tonight. good night hahahahhaa :P


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