are you in a mess?

every single one of us are in a mess, somehow. we are just too proud to admit it.
what happens when there is no one to run to. a shoulder to cry on. a hand to lift us up when we fall. i guess we just have to be strong, brush off those whatever shits that are thrown at us (not literally) and face the world again. lets face it, the world ain't always beautiful, there are days when we have bad hair days and things that just doesn't go the way we plan.
i'm not always the optimistic person that i am but i try to make the best of what i have.
sometimes ppl get me wrong. well most of the time they do.
not hoping to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but i hope to i do find my answers from this journey.
life isn't about what ppl want of us, its what we want for ourselves, our love ones and those we treasure most.


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