for the first time in ages, i braved up and talked to some random chiqs at the bar. it was two girls from finland. they are here on their south east asia trip! silly me did not get their numbers, ish, i had one girl keying in my number. i had the other's email. how lame can i get. i doubt they gonna call anyways. but it was nice talking to one of them girls. she was telling me about her trip in sabah and shanghai. how ppl in shanghai doesn't speak english which was a turn off to her. i know i might not be seeing them again but deep down i wish them a safe and wonderful trip in s.e.a. this was weird for me because usually when i see hotties, i would go numb, like i can't think straight at all but it was nice talking about their culture and culture in asia in general. somewhere along the lines, we were talking about global warming. how finland isn't as cold as it used to be. she was telling me that their country is least corrupted. having visiting indonesia and other places, they were really having some culture shock because bribing in their own country is a taboo. somehow i feel the connections even though we don't look exactly alike but somehow alike in some similar ways. i really like learning different culture and embracing life. i hope maybe someday there won't be any countries or racists going on, all that is left is just one nation, one country, one people. living under one peaceful roof.

p/s: i'm pretty much buzzed as i haven't had so much to drink in ages! hahhaha *silence, i kill u* (inside joke) hahhaha :P


Blogger Julie said...

ohhh i know. you felt like an angmoh is it? HAHAHAHA ok, sorry. don't kill me. kill achmed.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous ivan said...

u FINALLY did it. good job. lol

9:45 AM  

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