looking for a partner

needs a travelling partner to NZ: first stop Auckland
period of stay: 6 months (on Working Holiday Visa)
will cover North and slowly down South island. trip begins in January 2008.
might stop by Sydney for 3 days before heading to Auckland.

email me for more info if u are interested: calkho@gmail.com

p/s: would be nice if she's a jap/korean! LOL jk! help spread the news pls! = ) cheers!


Blogger Ling said...


5:14 AM  
Blogger calvism said...

ling > lol i'm thrilled and scared at the same time! :P

12:50 PM  
Anonymous thegeekinpink said...

woooo MY very own shepherd friend!!! WOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOO!!!!

please bring me back some sheep toys!!! or a sheep rug? I know so evil kan!!!

12:26 AM  

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