i need a lover who is also a friend :P someone who can be there through thick and thin. sometimes i feel like i am taken for a ride in this process called dating. sometimes i don't know if we truly want to know the other person just because we feel lonely or just plain physical attraction. i have this vicious circle that keeps looping throughout the years. i bet some of you might encountered the same situation before. its like whenever i have the hots for someone. the more i get to know them, the less i feel for them. its always nice and sweet in the beginning but through the middle part of knowing that person, slowly that feelings fade away not because i don't like her anymore but because i felt the lack of connections between the two. sometimes insecurities are part of the trigger too. i think a lot of times, we tend to leave it up to fate, but i think for me, a little gesture counts. the first step is gonna be from you. if you don't take any actions, nothing will ever happen. a little push along the way helps even the slightest bit. to an certain extend, its all luck and fate.

oh hey,
i realized i'm a bit late at the wishing part. so i wish each and everyone of you love and every bit of happiness in 2008 and the years to come.


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