cloverfield...man, u suck! who would in the right minds to make a movie as if u were running around with a camera for almost 2 hours. my friend and i was literally walking out of the cineplex with a motion sickness. needless the say, the ending was a wtf experience. like uh? finish? just like that? hahaha ok whatever man.

just one of those nights when u know your friend had too much to drink. we were having this conversation about well balanced breast. ok, don't ask. and my friend's reply to that was "i have normal nipples"....(that was when u know they are either tipsy or on the verge of getting drunk). somehow we misheard it and it turn out something like "i have no-more nipples"....wtf. so in order to justify herself. she counter-attacked with another line "my nipples are 20x bigger than yours"...
-________________- ok, that was my weekend. tell me you had better weekends than mine!

p/s: lesson learnt: do not attempt to be justify oneself when drunk, unless u know exactly u are saying! LOL


Blogger Aliciaks said...

yea..... Cloverfield sux... hin hin me.. Until d end still dunno wat is it and wat happened to the place and my head keep spinning..

10:32 AM  

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