Lake Taupo
i think i'm starting to fall in love with new zealand. really. i don't know if i want to go back home anymore. its so beautiful and the weather here is nice when it doesn't rain. just nice. i arrived in Taupo this evening, thanks to my friend ellen who is living in Taupo because of work. she intro me to her bunch of china friends. really nice ppl. i'm so glad because during this trip i thought to myself that i might travel alone and end up feeling so lost. i am super lucky. just so lucky. and you are right audrey, i am lucky! i'll tell u about my almost "kena send home at the airport" story when i meet u next time k! hahhaha too shameful to say it out here.
i miss my nihon jin kazoku at YHA Auckland, sabisiyo! hontoni! i miss mina so much! they are my family members during my stay in auckland. 77 yr old michiko-san who is always so happy and making new friends everyday. mi-chan, my funny friend who is so caring and always making fun of me. yui-chan, ganbatte ne! i hope u find what u came for here and always wish u best of luck in your career and life. kosuke, sweet-ass!!! hahah i hope i will meet u soon, don't miss your flight again! and so many friends i met at YHA. i'm really so happy. but like they say, happiness are not meant to last. it was my last day in auckland as i'm travelling down south. to visit other places and as well as for work.
so many happy and random things happened here. i met some super down to earth ppl and always helping me without asking any favour in returns. but sadly there also those who are giving u pain in the ass ppl. i was told i can get a room in Hastings for my work. and the guy who agreed the room to me suddenly told me today that he is giving away to another girl who has already arrived in Hastings for work. how can u promise someone a room and later said its taken away because he felt like it. what an asshole. but nevertheless i'm happy i did meet some nice ppl along the way. no! many nice ppl along the way actually! tips from many travellers, always smile, and say hi, and you will be making friends along the way! i'm so tired now. so much emotions inside of me i can't describe. i don't know what will happen next. i will try to keep an open mind and always be positive even when its against all odds. oyasumi!


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It's only been a week, but it sounds as if you've been there for ages to develope such strong sense of belonging with ppl who you've just met awhile ago. It's weird how easy and fast friendships are built when you are traveling alone on the road. Told you you'll be alright.

Tell us more about your work in the next post alright.

And can't wait for you to tell me about your little drama in the airport.

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