i just started my job last night. 10pm - 6am. my job is to separate the rotten peaches and throw them away.
cut off the rotten parts.
i do a bit of cutting pears. actually more like peeling the skin with a small knife. it's easy but dangerous cos the knife is sharp. lol :P so i can't afford to fall asleep on this job.
easy and fast job but boring...and tiring after a while.
we have breaks in between 2 hours. so it's still alright. we get free milk, free hot chocolate and coffee from the vending machine. basically, it's a factory that process can foods. they have sweet corns, tomatoes, peaches, pears. u get the picture...
good thing i met 2 new friends/colleagues. from germany, nutty but fun ppl! haha gosh...working late night really kill our brain cells...hahaha we were talking nonsense in between breaks. one of the girl is same age as me and the other one is only 19. yeap, just finish school. great company to keep me sane.

oh well...life in hastings is...erm...boring but i needed the money so it's all good.

p/s: sabisiyo...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah.. graveyard shift! I hope the pay is better than the average. =)

Your job actually sounds like fun to me. Haha.

5:06 PM  

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