now i know how it feels like to work 12 hours shift. yesterday, i was asked to turn in for extra 4 hours. 6pm - 6 am. its tiring. trust me. my job yesterday was to be a part time "fireman" hahahaa. yeah...my job was to wash away the overflowing peaches, pineapples, pears cubes from the moving trays. it's a fun job but ever so often i have to bend down so i don't spray the other workers. it gets tired after heaps of bending. part of the job also require me to scoop out extra peaches/pineapples/pears cubes from the boiling tank. hmm...most of the job in the factory is repetition. u don't think. u just do it. hahaha last night shift was to peel pears...my fingers are sore from the 8 hours cutting...this morning i swear it was so swollen and can't feel my fingers. haha but after few hours of sleep. i guess it's better now. backache, sore fingers and tired body. these are some of the side effects of this job.
while doing the job, i can't help thinking, why i am here peeling and cutting fruits when i can be doing more relaxing things back home. well, if u asked me, it's all worth it. if u are here sight seeing with me. u will know how beautiful nz is. south island, i'm coming soon!! hahaha
just have to keep a positive head all the time. pain is only temporary. experience is forever!


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