there is this nosy and bossy malaysian person at work who likes to boss ppl around. the thing is, she's not even a supervisor. -__________-!!! i think the kiasu-ness in some malaysians here are kicking in. although we are in a different country but the typical malaysian attitude is always there. this is not suppose to happen! wait, anything can happen when you're here! hahaha....guess it's going to be 12 hours shift this whole week. my hands are so tired! the tips of my fingers hurts! i'll even pay for a hand massage! i realised i only have half a day to myself now. a quarter to sleep and the quarter to cook, check mail and getting ready to work... this is not good. but i need more money to spend on south island! :P


Blogger NelC said...

Lol.. how much do u get paid per hour? i guess its fun/alright to do it as a short term thingy..

9:49 AM  

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