looks like i spoken too soon. that particular person got into an accident last night. she got her hand stuck in the machine. when i saw the commotion, one of the supervisor was already carrying her and she was holding her own hand shaking. she was brought to the hospital by ambulance. news has it that she broke one of her finger. as i didn't like her that much before, but when i saw the incident, i don't know if i should feel pity or sad for her. of cos things like this, we wish it never happens. so i told myself, always be alert at work no matter how sleepy and tired.
my hands are still numb from nights of 12 hours shift. my toe too. just one toe, hahaha...i don't know why. maybe it is also my first time doing labour work which involve energy more than brain.
i wish i can leave this place a.s.a.p.
for experience, i guess it is alright. i want to continue with my traveling! meanwhile, let me know if any of u or have friends who likes to join me down South Island. it would be great! a traveling partner is always welcome! email me!
cheers! : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AIYO! Looks like you're not the only one who hates her.

Someone else did. You only "bitch" abt her on your blog. That someone else cursed her.

12:38 AM  

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