i just had a tempura + sashimi dinner at dunedin! i missed home, the land i can hardly proclaim my own. it's because whenever i miss jap food, there is always Sushi King around the corner. japanese food here is so expensive. i mean it's alright to eat once in a while here as long as i work and use the currency here. lol
it's my last day in dunedin and also marks the end of my trip in south island somehow. it's not like i'm not going anywhere after this but the main places i wanted to go has been covered so it's all good. it's back to christchurch tomorrow! so much to do in so little time. i don't want to but i'll make do with what i have. did i mention i climb...well, more like walked up the steepest street in the world! yeap! It's here in Dunedin! and i did the Speight beer tour today~! the beer was soooo good and refreshing! hahaha (beer tasting!)

p/s: i like to take this opportunity to thank eric for letting me bonked in at Milford Sound! and the boat rides was good! thank you so much! i will write soon. time's up at the internet cafe! so much to tell and write but i will soon, when i get hold of internet again! LOL : )


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