harlo kch!

it does feels good to go home. somehow, to a familiar place but still stucked in the same situation? do i make sense? sis will be outstationed. parents are working which leave me alone at home : ( was informed by my friends in kch that two of our classmates are getting married {yes they'r marrying each others}. woah...everyone getting married, i hate to come to term that this will be my last few years of my twenties but rather looking forward to see what the future has in store for me.
anyways, i'll be indulging myself in food! hopefully i get to eat as much as i can before i come back to this concrete jungle.
haha...i don't mind putting on a few pounds for the love of hometown food where i don't think i can't get it anywhere else in the world {even if they do, they won't taste as good and as original as the one in kch} : ) *woot* and also to meet up with close friends and familiar faces! hopefully i get to see my friend's baby daughter this time! awww...so little time, so many things to accomplish! hehe
so i'll see u guys real soon! happy holidays to me! buahahahaha = )


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