yeap! internet is back at home! but only till end of the month so either i stick with no net but i'll get my lazy ass to apply a new phone line and the net. clever me sprained my neck last night while trying to get some sweats shooting hoops at the basketball court in front of my house. now it hurt like a bitch! :P lost my gold necklace 2 days ago. it broke while i was driving so i put it in my pocket. i guess i must have dropped it while reaching for my car key in my pocket after dinner at SS2. haha...i don't know if i've been tagged with a series of mishaps but i'm flying home next wednesday! it would be 5 days off for me. sort of like a short break for myself since my bangkok and phuket trip was cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances.

i went to catch the premiere for Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer last night. must say its better than Spiderman 3. its just my personal preference of the movie special effects and storyline though it was a short 1 hour plus movie. go watch k! hehe silver surfer is really cool!! :P :P i want his surf board!!

Transformers is next on my list! can't wait. 2 more weeks to go! its premiering on the 28th of June on GSC! woot*


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