embracing love

over the years i've met quite a variety of girls.
there are the ones that;
don't wish to date u but insist on a date with u but never return the calls.
goes bizzerd on the first date.
make me felt like we have known each other from our past life.
make me feel loved and make me want to be a better man. (not that i'm not :P)
make me missed her so badly and wanted to walk up to her house just to have a glimpse of her.
make me felt gaga in bed.
bitches about their best friends.
tell others that u were her guy and u have to find out from others lolz.
wants expensive dinners.
flirts around when u'r not around her.
flirts around when u'r with her.
make u her shelter from the storm.
wants more than u can offer.
well, it really doesn't matter which kind of girl u are bcos personally by the end of the day, we all look for someone who is compatible with us. someone whom is there for us through thick and thin. everytime i get disappointed by these girls and myself, i get wary. deep down i know there is someone who is meant for us. i always tell myself, giving up is easier but i'm ain't quitting till i find u! its a process of self learning. getting to know myself more and the other person. its long and tiring but its worth the try. nobody says its gonna be easy. its the same for everything in life. if we fall, get up and face the world again. u know what is harder? never to give yourself a chance. regretting that "i should have" this and that.
they say life's journey only begins at 40. i think mine started a bit wee earlier :P lolz


Blogger Jacelyn said...

You are so optimistic.. Good luck finding her :)

6:22 PM  
Blogger calvism said...

10q = )

11:51 PM  

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