are we not heard

there is this rush in me since yesterday. this high telling me i should go and chase my dream. i don't know if its peer pressure that ppl that r close to me is fleeing the country or going to soon (some already had). deep down, my heart is telling me i should not stay in this forsaken land while i'm young. i should go travel and see the other side of the world when i have the chance. life is about taking risks no? there has been heaps of talks and words in almost every blog and conversation. i'm quite sick of this land. its ill. in order to save it, it needs heaps of restructuring. but who and how? maybe thats y relatives and family friends had migrated to other countries in the last decades. the weight on my chest is heavy. i don't know if i can let go of what i have now. family, friends and other commitments in life. if i leave, i know i will struggle and start from scratch. my alter ego begs to leave this place. my rational wants to stay put. oh dilemma... (well maybe, just maybe i need a gf to save me from all these drama) but i won't settle for second best. thats how i roll. maybe i shouldn't be complaining so much knowing other 3rd world countries are facing more desperate situation that this land. this land i call home. was it ever my home in the first place?


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